The Naked House is located in Kawagoe, Japan. It was designed for a family of five, including two children and the owner's elderly mother. The owner wanted a house that was as open as possible to foster an atmosphere of closeness among family members. The only permanent partitions enclose the bathroom suite. Nylon curtains and sliding doors divide the main space from rooms located around the exterior of the house. Four large wood boxes on casters serve as bedrooms. The boxes are open on two sides, and can be these moved throughout the main interior open space and even outside through the western wall. 

The movable rooms are made of brown paper-honeycomb panels which are attached to wooden frames on wheels. Each box has an area of six square meters. These mobile rooms are meant to hold only a minimum of belongings. They can be placed against walls or in front of heating or air conditioning units, to change how air flows through them. They can also be combined to create a larger room. 

The bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas are in fixed locations. White curtains are used to separate certain spaces such as the kitchen and laundry. The bathrooms are the only areas that are completely private. However, some of the panels in the bathrooms can the opened to the exterior. 

The exact address of the Naked House is not published anywhere. The building is located in Kawagoe in the Saitama prefecture, Japan. Approximately, the house is located in an agricultural district about 20 kilometers north of Tokyo.


  1. Hi, my name is Mariana. I'm an architeture student from São Judas Tadeu University, me and my friends have to do a research about the Naked House. We looked for informations everywhere, we collected a lot of good things, but, we tryed to find how the illumination of the Naked House works, but we couldn't find it. We would really aprecciate if you could explain to us how it works. Here is my email: mari_macario@hotmail.com Waiting for your answer, thanks, Mariana.

  2. hey , i am halak shah from academy of architecture,mumbai,india. i have heard a lot about the naked house the way u have redefined the concepts of diffused light by changing the materials used for the house, also the openness your structure creates ,i would like to know more about the way you use your maerials and how is their performance as compared to the contemprory materials

  3. Whoa, an intersting idea. My latest purchase, HPL door would definitely not fit in there, as all the elements are soo lightweight. I hope some solid research about functionaities is being done, and I hope more things like this will be erect if worth it.