Drexler, Arthur. Architecture of Japan. N.p.: Frank Cass &, 2001. Print. : This book looks at Japanese architecture throughout its history. It helped us understand what types of architecture influenced the design of the Naked House, and how Japanese architecture has evolved through time.

Jeska, Simone. Transparent Plastics. N.p.: Birkhauser Architecture, 2003. Print. : This book looks at many examples of projects involving transparent plastics. It goes in depth about the Naked House, and how the materials used in the construction influence its program. There are many useful diagrams and insights about the construction.

Jodidio, Philip. Shigeru Ban: Complete Works 1985-2010. N.p.: Taschen, 2010. Print. : This book has the complete works of Shigeru Ban from 1985-2010. It has detailed information about the Naked House. It has insights on the program and large images of the space.

McQuaid, Matilda. Shigeru Ban. N.p.: Phaidon, 2006. Print. : This book has many examples of Shigeru Ban’s previous works. Although the Naked House is not in this book, the examples of his previous works and biographical information are useful

Miyake, Riichi, Ian Luna, and Lauren A. Gould. Shigeru Ban: Paper in Architecture. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2009. Print. : This book shows examples of Shigeru Ban’s work that involve paper in their construction. The Naked House is not shown in this book; however, this book is useful to understand how Shigeru Ban uses materials and forms in his projects.

Nitschke, Gunter. From Shinto to Ando: Studies in Architectural Anthropology in Japan. London: Academy Editions, 1993. Print. : This book provides a significant amount of in-depth research about ancient Japanese culture and architecture.  It draws important relationships between the sacred practice of architecture that used to exist and the more modern architecture methods that exist today.  This book was useful as it provided many images of Japanese art and ancient architecture methods.

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